How to improve your DDLG relationship

DDLG relationships aren’t only about a daddy dominating his little girl and treating her like his personal fucktoy. In fact, they are much more complex. That’s why some couples can run into issues when starting a DDLG relationship. Read on to learn how to improve your relationship! 

What is DDLG?

For starters, DDLG or DD/lg stands for Daddy Dom/little girl. It’s a roleplay and ageplay kink. However, DDLG is a bit more complex compared to how it is portrayed in mainstream porn or popular culture. In fact, it’s not always about an older male Daddy who slaps his little girl around, calls her a slut, and trains her to respond to his every sexual whim. It can certainly involve all those things, but at its core, DDLG is a type of sexual or romantic relationship. 

If you’re already in a DDLG relationship or you want to start one, just remember that this fetish is not at all about abuse, pedophilia, or incest. It’s a kind of consensual roleplay. It allows both partners to enact their fantasies while caring for each other. What’s more, some people only practice this fetish during sex, while others view it as a lifestyle choice. 

Additionally, the kink can involve consensual non-consent, rough sex, and BDSM elements. But, DDLG couples can also play around with non-sexual childlike activities. That includes things like reading bedtime stories, playing with stuffed animals, etc.

How do you make your DDLG relationship better?

One of the best ways to improve your DDLG relationship is to simply be prepared when you walk into it. 

Know your role

Before you arrange this type of relationship, you’ll need to have a long talk with your partner. That way, you can discuss both of your roles. For example, you should talk about what turns you on, what’s allowed, and what’s fully off-limits. Also, you’ll need to cover the subject of consent. Remember, the Daddy Dom/little girl relationship is always based on consent! It’s the only way to have a hot, passionate, and caring DDLG experience.

However, both of your roles will depend on your individual needs. Typically, the Daddy Dom should be a strong male figure. This role could appeal to dominant men who have a natural nurturing instinct. However, Daddies can also be strict and merciless. Conversely, the little girl is a role based on submission, discipline, and security. 

No more toxicity

One of the things that can ruin DDLG relationships is toxic behavior. Sometimes, people enter into roleplay solely to get their needs met. They use the guise of BDSM to exploit their partner. This type of toxic behavior can involve non-consensual rape, assault, psychological abuse, and revenge porn. 

Moreover, toxic Doms can be selfish, oblivious, and their fetishes can include genuine sadism. They can also ignore the ethical rules of BDSM. To avoid toxicity, don’t assume that your little girl is ready to be treated and used like a slut in whatever way you want! Conversely, toxic subs are not so common, but some examples of unhealthy behavior include emotional manipulation or even blackmail. 

Knowledge of consensual BDSM practices

A DDLG relationship should be based on the popular BDSM motto of safe, sane, and consensual. Here, consent should be non-negotiable. Both the little girl and the Daddy Dom should give their consent to all activities that occur in this type of relationship. The best way to keep your kink safe and consensual is to create and sign a formal contract. 

In your contract, you can outline the ground rules and set your boundaries. The best way to have a safe and fun experience is to understand and follow the DDLG rules. DDLG practices dive itself into the world of BDSM, which emphasizes the use of sex toys too. The Daddy Dom usually asks for consent from the Little Girl to use butt plugs, anal tails, and even collars.  Moreover, if the Little Girl approves, they could agree and buy stuff from lovegasm. But, if you don’t know how things work, you could end up abusing or hurting your partner. What’s more, a DDLG relationship will only work if both partners trust each other. 

Safety and love

Roleplay kinks like DDLG are widely based on a power exchange, and both partners put themselves in vulnerable positions. Here, a contract will allow you to define the goals, boundaries, safe words, and punishments. Both sides should follow the rules to ensure that nothing can go too far. 

While dominant partners can exhibit toxic behavior, they can also hurt their partners unintentionally. Being a good Dom takes a lot of practice. The goal of your role is not to please yourself but to provide care and love while prioritizing your little’s safety and health. Yet, you will also need to know when to show your authority and resort to punishment.

Being a good little girl

The little girl has a wide range of roles in this kink. Obviously, a good girl needs to submit and fulfill her Daddy’s fantasies, wear his favorite lingerie, suck his cock just the way he likes it, and so on. But, she can have her own story. 

For example, a little girl can be of any age. What’s more, she can even undergo the entire process of “growing up” in the relationship. Some little girls like to start out as adult babies who wear pacifiers and eventually turn into silly teen brats who need discipline. 

It’s up to you to decide how you want to practice this kink. For instance, little girls can try activities like cuddling or watching cartoons. But, if they’re naughty, the Daddy can punish them with sex toys, BDSM gear, his cock, and so on.

It doesn’t always have to be sexual

Many people love the non-sexual aspects of this kink. The roleplay allows them to wind down and escape from the pressures of daily life. If done correctly, DDLG can help you to escape adult responsibilities and make you feel safe and cared for. 

Here, the caregiver Daddy role can be compassionate, caring, and kind. The Daddies can introduce a kind of fatherly devotion into the relationship. They can train their littles to complete “big girl” tasks like making meals or playing games. 

What’s more, caregiver Daddies do not necessarily need to be dominant or sexually demanding. They can get into this role solely because they want to nurture their little one and exercise a parental type of love. Non-sexual DDLG roleplay can help many people with depression, anxiety, and it can remind them of their childhood innocence. 


Ultimately, the best way to improve DDLG or any other type of roleplay is to be on the same page with your partner. If you cover the rules, discuss your needs, and know your limits, you’ll have a safe, awesome, and highly kinky experience. Have fun!

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