For some individuals, getting dressed means more than wearing just anything. The right apparel can cement a reputation as a serious professional, a global trendsetter, an elegant man or anything in between.

Whether you need to make a splash on the red carpet, you’re making plans for a special event such as a wedding or you’re ready to invest in a new wardrobe that supports your professional endeavors, we’ll find the personal stylist who will create the look you’ll love.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Stylist

  • Selecting clothes and accessories to meet your goals
  • Creating cohesive looks for parties and events
  • Borrowing and returning apparel on your behalf
  • Advising based on trends to find the right look for you
  • We can recruit for you no matter where you live


A personal stylist selects the clothes and accessories that meet the client’s goals. These may include portraying a certain image for a magazine shoot or public appearance, creating a cohesive look for multiple parties for a special event such as a wedding, selecting a fashionable gown and jewelry for a red carpet appearance or reimagining an entire wardrobe for a new job. The stylist often works in tandem with designers, photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists and should be well-versed in the latest trends. Some stylists are able to borrow and return apparel and accessories when necessary for one-time wear.

Although personal stylists are most frequently associated with celebrities and models, they also work with individuals who don’t spend as much time in the spotlight. For this reason, the stylist should demonstrate a strong ability to choose the silhouettes, colors and fabrics that are most flattering. An exceptional stylist can advise on the best current trends while putting together a look that suits the personality and physique of the wearer.


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