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Why men should give more importance to how they dress

Most men don’t give serious attention to their wardrobe or what they choose to wear. There are some rules that need to be followed if you want to dress well, but most men don’t want any more rules in their lives.


Most men live by the mantra — How you perform matters more than how you look. Unfortunately, that only goes in a perfect, idealized world. Unfortunately, ours is not one. The first impression you give even before you open your mouth determines how people perceive you. The things you wear and the way you look make the first and most important impression of you.


First appearances affect a man’s daily life, from how he is greeted to treated by others on the street. A man is not required to stay on top of every clothing trend, but he must look presentable.

Your Clothing Exhibits Your Character


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How to improve your DDLG relationship

DDLG relationships aren’t only about a daddy dominating his little girl and treating her like his personal fucktoy. In fact, they are much more complex. That’s why some couples can run into issues when starting a DDLG relationship. Read on to learn how to improve your relationship! 

What is DDLG?

For starters, DDLG or DD/lg stands for Daddy Dom/little girl. It’s a roleplay and ageplay kink. However, DDLG is a bit more complex compared to how it is portrayed in mainstream porn or popular culture. In fact, it’s not always about an older male Daddy who slaps his little girl around, calls her a slut, and trains her to respond to his every sexual whim. It can certainly involve all those things, but at its core, DDLG is a type of sexual or romantic relationship. 

If you’re already in a DDLG relationship or you want to start one, just remember

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Double The Pleasure With Rabbit Vibrators

What’s your first thought when someone says “rabbit?” Jessica Rabbit? A fluffy, cuddly animal?

Well, ours is orgasms! And, to be honest, yours should be as well. Ever since they hit the market back in the late ‘80s and the early ‘90s, rabbit vibrators helped many women achieve an orgasm. In fact, some might even say that of all types of vibrators on the market (and there are a lot of them), rabbits are the most effective, fun, and pleasurable spot vibrators ever.

Achieving an Orgasm — an Uphill Battle

There’s a good reason why rabbits are considered to be the number one contender on the list of top sex toys for women. They are a perfect mix of two glorious, pleasurable worlds — clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

Listen, we know that many men (and, unfortunately, women) think that the penis or, rather, penetration is the Holy Grail of …

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13 Fashion Tips and Tricks From Pro Stylists

Navigating the ins and outs of style can be tricky, but with these simple stylist-recommend tips, you’ll be a certified fashionista in no time.

1. Find out if a pair of jeans fits without a trip to the dressing room

Ready for a mind-blowing fashion hack? According to Lauren Edelstein, Style Director at Shopbop, all you need to do to determine whether or not a pair of jeans will fit is to wrap the waist around your neck — if the ends meet without overlapping (or stretching), they’ll fit your waist. “The neck trick is one I was skeptical about, but it really works!”

2. Make any outfit look great with just three key pieces.

Hate complicated fashion trends that only seem accessible to models and actors? It takes just three items to make literally any outfit look great, according to The Ambitionista’s Heidi Nazarudin. “A face-flattering pair of classic …

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How To Dress Like An A-Lister, According To Their Stylists

The lucky men who count themselves as card-carrying members of the A-list more often than not have good looks, an obscene amount of charisma and bank balances to rival developing economies. What they don’t always possess, however, is a killer sense of style.

The truth is that behind every red carpet appearance destined to send Instagram likes soaring, there’s a style maverick pulling the strings and keeping the world’s most famous from falling into the clutches of bad taste.

For too long, these hardworking stylists have been hidden in the shadows, but now – in line with social media’s democratisation of, well, everything – they’ve moved to the fore, and have become indispensable sages for men from all walks of life.

Sure you might have marvelled at the outfits of Ryan Gosling, or mentally bookmarked Michael B. Jordan’s entire back catalogue of looks, but why turn to the middle-man for …

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Fashion Secrets Personal Stylists Won’t Tell You for Free

We asked stylists to the stars to tell us their secret weapons for having great style.

People are totally judging you by your clothing

“Sadly, if I’ve learned one thing as the owner of a PR firm in LA, the reality is that people do judge a book by its cover. If you are slovenly or unkempt, most likely you will not be taken as seriously as one who is put together.” —Michelle Czernin von Chudenitz Morzin, founder and CEO of Popular Press Media Group Don’t make these fashion mistakes that make you look messy.


Having style doesn’t have to mean dresses and heels

“Fashion doesn’t mean having to be super girly. I am a tomboy at heart so I like to encourage women like me to experiment with menswear or more casual pieces. One tomboy trend I love is a trench coat with cute sneakers!” —Olivia Pierson, TipTalk …

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10 Style Facts That Will Shock You | Men’s Fashion Trivia

Did you know…

If you’d been born in 1901…

Chances are you would’ve worn dresses?

Imagine that.

You and other boys, age 6 and under…

…wearing white dresses.


Well, it’s a fact,and proven facts don’t change no matter how we react to them.

That’s one of many interesting, mind-boggling facts about style & fashion throughout history.

Note: I’m not pushing an agenda in favor of grown men wearing dresses, or makeup, or tons of jewelry.

All these style facts are for entertainment only.


Style Fact #1 – Men Were The Primary Users Of Makeup

That’s right. Makeup – the stuff most guys outside of show business would be mocked for using – played an important role in of men’s lifestyles in ancient cultures.

It all dates back to 10,000 years ago. Tribal men would wear paint either for camouflage (to catch animals while hunting) or for battle (to …

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